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Making a run

Dit Engelstalige essay is geschreven door Dusan Djukich en in zijn oorspronkelijke vorm gepubliceerd.

People make various ‘runs’ at certain times in their lives. For example, a student may be performing poorly in high school and realize that she will never get into a university or college without first taking her game to the next level. She enrolls her parents into getting her a tutor and spends countless hours studying to raise her grade point average.

Run = an action taken in an attempt to achieve something, avoid experiencing something, disrupt and undesired default future, or to create something that never would have happened without the action taken.

You could say the student is being driven to avoid the consequences of not attaining a university level education or driven by the benefits of attaining a quality education. Another example might be someone with a declining business. The urge to survive financially kicks in and the person makes it a priority to bring back profitability into the business. He will often do whatever is required to once again achieve business expansion and stability.

An adult with a big goal is another demonstration of someone making a run. Relentlessly pursuing a dream home or that special vehicle certainly falls into the realm of making a run in order to achieve a chosen material object. Desired abilities are no different. A strong passion to become a great singer or to play a musical instrument professionally can end up in a strong run to achieve those chosen abilities.

Most runs are driven by inspiration or desperation. Most runs are driven by the desire to get something or the desire to avoid getting something.

It is important to note that there is another type of run a person can make. However, it is a run that most people go into their graves without ever making.

This type of run doesn’t have anything to do with what you want to get or avoid. You will have to give up the need to look good, stay comfortable and be well thought of. Most people are simply not willing to participate to this degree.

This last run being described comes out of ‘who you are’ and ‘the impact you choose to make’.

It doesn’t come out of what you want to get or what you want to avoid. It doesn’t come out of your feelings or your should. It is sourced from the difference you choose to make in the world in which you live.