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Een juggernaut is onredelijk

Dit Engelstalige essay is geschreven door Dusan Djukich en in zijn oorspronkelijke vorm gepubliceerd.

The term ‘juggernaut’ as defined in this document refers to a powerful, unstoppable group of people completely dedicated to an agreed upon purpose. In military usage, the term applies to an overwhelming force that crushes everything in its way.

In business, the term as utilized here implies a relentless team of real leaders that are ruthless in their commitment to achieve a chosen result. All members of a juggernaut are leaders. Those who are in charge of the juggernaut are leaders who coach and manage the leaders of the group. The leaders within the group actively create other leaders outside of the group.

When people are on a mission, they become attractive. A real leader is unreasonable. Most people are just going through the motions, trying to justify their lives. A real leader is not obsessed with looking good or being liked. A real leader is committed to being devastatingly effective in getting their intended results. A real leader simply will not tolerate his or her ‘case’*.

*Case = unwanted thoughts, feelings, emotions, and moods. It is the persistent and relentless influence of the reptile brain determined to keep the individual stuck in an unchangeable condition.

Most people do not live intentionally. They do not live deliberately. They have a case that they refuse to confront. The case is a mental jail made out of bullshit.

Everyone has nonsense running through their heads. (Case.)
Powerful people (highly committed) deal with the nonsense.
Weak people (low commitment) end up having the nonsense deal with them.